Last night saw the bonfire and firework display take off in spectacular fashion. The ‘junior’ disco was very well supported.

It was most rewarding to see the hundreds of people thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Many thanks go to the stall holders and Burger & Icecream Vans. Encouraging queues formed at them all. Thank you for supporting them and thanks to them for supporting us.

Where to start with the accolades.

Your first encounter was with our ‘revenue protection officers’ at the gate eagerly waiting to collect your entry fee. For two hours or more, our 3 Ladies laboured without a break. Big thank you girls.

Once indoors, you couldn’t fail to notice our army of barstaff under starters order. Unknowingly to you, throughout the evening you would be served by NHS personnel, a renown singer, a rugby player and a carer. All of whom spent the entire evening on their feet. A truly valuable contribution to the success of the evening. Thank you.

We had an army of back-ground staff keeping you all safe including medical assistance. Our pyrotechnics team deserve a special mention for the firework display.

All in all a supremely successful event with, I would hazard a guess, a record crowd so it's a big SWSC thank you to you all.

It’ll take some beating next year so keep 4th, 5th & 6th free as it’s certain to be one of those dates.

I think that's covered everybody, so, see you there.

A Yuletide announcement.

As is tradition at the Club in the run up to Christmas, many of you have brought Christmas Cards to the Club for onward delivery.


This year is no different.


Although your club is unable to open at this present time, if you wish to send Christmas cards as normal to people in the club please do so.


If you pop them through the club letter box we will get them delivered for you.


Please drop cards off any time up until the 16th December giving us time to sort and deliver. Thank you.


Now that Pubs & Clubs are opening, you will no doubt be wondering what the Social Club are doing to try and protect you. Well, Coopers' Crusaders have been working tirelessly behind the scenes making the necessary arrangements to comply with social distancing. 

We have the added advantage of having a lot of space at our disposal; both indoors & outside.

So come along, have a drink with long lost friends and enjoy your new found freedom in spacious surroundings.